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Wine Club Packages

Gold membership - $49.99

Gold membership includes 2 bottles of wine each month - Members choose All Red / All White / Mixed

Platinum membership - $79.99

Platinum membership includes 4 bottles of wine each month - Members choose All Red / All White / Mixed

Wine Club Info

Each wine club customer gets a personalized cubby at Wine101. You will also receive two glasses with your cubby number and name etched on the glass.

Members also receive 10% of any purchases at Wine101.

Wine club members receive exclusive invitations to special events and private tastings.

Whether members come in and drink the wine in house, or take it home, everyone enjoys the Wine101 featured monthly selections! The Wine101 wine club features hard-to-find, wines from leading wine producing regions around the world.

Wine Menu

Woodwork (CA) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Vanilla, Blackberry, white American oak that is not overpowering

75 Wine (CA) $12 - Glass | $36 - Bottle
Blackberries, espresso beans, plums, raspberry finish with warm toasted oak

Josh Cellars (CA) $12 - Glass | $36 - Bottle
Dark cherry and ripe plum with a hint of vanilla and cocoa dust

Banshee 2014 Cab (CA) N/A - Glass | $60 - Bottle
Dark plum, cocoa, blackberry, sage, chocolate, cherry and touch of caramel

J. Lohr – Hilltop (CA) N/A - Glass | $55 - Bottle
Bitter cherry & black currant flavors with a touch of dark chocolate

Gentleman’s Collection (CA) $12 - Glass | $36 - Bottle
Dark fruit, hints of dry herbs and mocha on the nose

Story Point Cab (CA) $12 - Glass | $36 - Bottle
Dark fruit, pepper and leather

Austerity (CA) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Ripe cherry followed by licorice and sweet oak with a long deep finish

19 Crimes (AT) $12 - Glass | $36 - Bottle
Ripe crushed blackberry, boysenberry, black currant and elder fruit

Ramspeck (CA) N/A - Glass | $40 - Bottle
Aromas of cassis, blueberry, coco powder with Bing cherry, coffee and toffee

Paris Valley Road (CA) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Edgy Cab with soft Merlot with a touch of Cab Franc for aroma finish

William Hill (CA) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Excellent Cab aged in new and old French barrels

Joseph Carr (CA) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Black Cherry, tobacco and vanilla, friendly acidity and tannin, long finish

Sean Minor/Nicole (CA) $11 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Ripe blueberry, dark cherry, cassis and vanilla

La Mozza (IT) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Juicy dark fruit mingles with spice and licorice (Syrah/Alicante/Colorino/Ciliegiolo)

Locations “E” (ES) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Exotic spices of Spain paired with red berries

Purple Heart (CA) $12 - Glass | $36 - Bottle
Medium bodied, textured w/notes of red and black fruits & hints of cardamom

The Prisoner (CA) N/A - Glass | $50 - Bottle
Ripe raspberry, pomegranate & wild berry

Mocarero Puteus 2010 (IT) $15 - Glass | $40 - Bottle
Hint of expresso and vanilla, blackberry, earth and spice

BV Tapestry (CA) N/A - Glass | $50 - Bottle
Blend of Bordeaux varietals, mediu to full body, ripe fruit, low acidity

19 Crimes Banished (AT) $12 - Glass | $36 - Bottle
Intense Dark chocolate, vanilla with blackberry and plum fruit

Peirano (CA) $9 - Glass | $27 - Bottle
Cherry, plum, sweet raspberries and strawberries with hints of cocoa and cinnamon

Peju (CA) $16 - Glass | $49 - Bottle
Plum, black currant, cola, anise and vanilla entice your nose and palate

Skyfall (WA) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Recently featured in Wine Club, spice, herbs and plum with a touch of sugar

McMurray (CA) $11 - Glass | $33 - Bottle
Raspberry, cherry, and a bite of spice on the finish

4 Bears/Sean Minor (CA) $9 - Glass | $27 - Bottle
Cherry, strawberry and violets combined with subtle layers of spices

William Hill (CA) $12 - Glass | $36 - Bottle
Aromas of black cherry, toasted oak spice, spice and lavender

Are You Game? (AU) $11 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Aromas of cherry, chocolate and oaky spice with notes of black current

Mollydooker-The Boxer (NZ) $20 - Glass | $55 - Bottle
Blueberries, sweet fruit, licorice, chocolate, coffee & spice

Stokes Ghost (CA) N/A - Glass | $40 - Bottle
14 months in oak, dramatic levels of fruit and off the chart richness

Chronic Cellars (CA) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Cigar spice finished with cracked pepper, cherry, blackberry and raspberry

Avaniel (SP) $8 - Glass | $26 - Bottle
Spice on the nose, blue and blackberry, medium body

Vina Zaco (ES) $9 - Glass | $27 - Bottle
Intense, bright cherry color with violet hints. Black fruit, licorice, round tannins

1000 Stories (CA) $11 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Vanilla, dried herbs and a hint of caramel. Aged in bourbon barrels

The Immortal Zinfandel (CA) $9 - Glass | $27 - Bottle
Mix of sweet red cherry, strawberry, cocoa & juicy red fruit

Red Fire Zin (IT) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Rich red berry fruit balanced with smoke and oak

Campus Oak Old World Vine (CA) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
80 year old vines, rich cherry, red and black fruit

Revolution (AR) $8 - Glass | $24 - Bottle
Plums, blackberries, blueberries and hints of chocolate

Doolhoff (ZA) N/A - Glass | $40 - Bottle
Dark Fruit, spices and herbal flavors finish with black pepper

Anitgal (AR) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Black and red berry fruit brightened by natural acidity with ripe tannins

Altos (AR) $8 - Glass | $24 - Bottle
100% malbec, aged up to 5 years, excellent flavor and fine fruit bouquet

STE Chapelle Soft Red (ID) $8 - Glass | $24 - Bottle
Blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc

Sunflower Sweet Rosso (IT) $7 - Glass | $21 - Bottle
Ripe and jammy, rasberry plum and cherry, soft and smooth

Luciano Sangue di Giuda (IT) N/A - Glass | $27 - Bottle
Fruity with a light finish (sparkling sweet red)

Butternut (CA) $9 - Glass | $27 - Bottle
Peach, hazelnut and spiced candied apple, notes of fig, butterscotch and oak

Consilience (CA) $9 - Glass | $27 - Bottle
Santa Barbara County. Oak with a hint of butter

Indigo Eyes (CA) $8 - Glass | $27 - Bottle
Napa Valley Cab, not overpowered in oak and butter, very smooth chardonnay

Llano (TX) $9 - Glass | $25 - Bottle
Tangerine and honey

CK Mondavi (CA) $8 - Glass | $24 - Bottle
Floral fruity nose with a sensation of a lemon zest finish

Poquito Moscoto (SP) N/A - Glass | $6 - Bottle
Ripe peach, grapes, delicate floral notes, fresh fruit (375ml)

Camelot (CA) $6 - Glass | $18 - Bottle
Notes of juicy tropical fruits, white peach and sweet orange blossom

Jules Taylor (NZ) $11 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Aromas of honeysuckle, pears and white peaches (Pinot Gris)

Peter Brum Sweet White (DE) OUT OF STOCK
Notes of honey and apricot make this sweet wine delightful

Falkenstein (DE) $8 - Glass | $24 - Bottle
Apricot, kumquat, nectarine and lime leaves

Dr. H (DE) $14 - Glass | $35 - Bottle
Herbs and stone fruit bring out the fresh and fruity flavors of this Mosel Dry Riesling

Peter Brum (DE) $7 - Glass | $21 - Bottle
Floral aromas and flavors

Lobster Reef (NZ) $9 - Glass | $27 - Bottle
Light, crisp, with hint of tropical fruit

Miner (CA) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Stone fruit and freshly cut herbs followed by grapefruit and melon flavors

Jules Taylor (NZ) $11 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Elderflower, notes of citrus & passion fruit underlying herbal notes on the finish

Fire Road (NZ) $10 - Glass | $30 - Bottle
Light bodied, dry and crisp with flavors of gooseberry and passion fruit

Jollie Folle (FR) N/A - Glass | $21 - Bottle
Bright and aromatic with notes of wild strawberries and watermelon (1L bottle)

Sauvion Rose D. Anjou 2015 (FR) $7 - Glass | $21 - Bottle
70% Groslot, 30% Gamay, soft and light Rose

Beringer (CA) $6 - Glass | $18 - Bottle
strawberries and cream

Wycliff California Champagne (CA) N/A - Glass | $21 - Bottle
Perfect combination of sweetness and crispness

Enzo Prosecco (IT) N/A - Glass | $25 - Bottle
Extra dry sparkling wine

Zonin Prosecco (IT) N/A - Glass | $9 - Bottle
Aromas of golden apples with a hint of white peach (187ml)

Hazlett Cider Tree hard Cider (NY) N/A - Glass | $4 - Bottle
Medium dry finish with backed apple flaors (12oz bottle)

C’est La Vie (FR) $8 - Glass | $24 - Bottle
Melon, vanilla, and pineapple w/hints of caramel, sweet spices, herbs & citrus

Vina Robles (CA) N/A - Glass | $24 - Bottle
Brisk lemon zest notes flavors upfront with green apple

Mothers of Invention (CA) N/A - Glass | $24 - Bottle
80% Roussanne, 20% Viognier aged in French Oak

Cinquuante_Cing Viognier (FR) N/A - Glass | $16 - Bottle
Crisp, flavors of honey, orange, mango, kiwi and tangerine

Niepoort Tawny (PT) N/A - Glass | $11 - Bottle
aged in oak 3.5 years, fresh and light with soft sweet tannins

Old Shandon Port (CA) N/A - Glass | $11 - Bottle
complex caramel, chocolate flavor, toasted nuts and ripe berry

Warre's Otima 10 Port (PT) N/A - Glass | $16 - Bottle
aged 10 years in oak, butterscotch, pear tart, almond and vanilla

1st Street Pale Ale - $4

Bombshell Blonde - $4

Lucky Buddha - $4

Shiner Bock - $4

Shiner Blonde - $4

Red Stripe - $4

Miller Lite - $4

Miller 64 - $4

Flensburger Dunkel - $5

Flensburger Pilsner - $5

Dos XX (Lager) - $4

Crabbies Ginger Beer (Pint) - $6

Pale Horse Pale Ale - $4

IPA of the month - $5

St. Pauli Girl Non-Alcoholic - $3

Italian Beer - Birradamare Shock Red Ale - $6

Italian Beer - Birradamare Onda Blonda Blonde Lager - $6

Guinnes Draught - $6

Whats New At Wine 101...

LUPINO CHIANTI $7 - Glass | $21 - Bottle

This Chianti is 85% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo and 5% Merlot. The intent of Lupino is to produc a full-bodied wine while maintaining a distinctive fruitness. This is a youthful and lively wine perfect with burgers, pastas with red sauce, pizza and even a nice grilled pork chop. Wine would also be fine on its own. Refreshing, it isn't at all flabby and has good structure and balance.


A deep, dark purple color, with intriguing black cherry, balsamic herbs, coffee and lighty toasted oak. Harmonious flavors of dark fruit, dried flowers, chocolate and vanilla. Exotic, complex character, full bodied with polished, velvety tannis, and a long, smooth finish.


Mi Sueno is Spanish for "My Dream", and the wine exhibits dark cherry, violet, rich leather, and toasted vanilla which leads into a suprisingly silky mouth finish. Additional flavors of fig, lum, and cinnamon convey the richness this wine has to offer. The velvety mouthfeel and well-rounded tannis lead to an elegant finish.

TRUTH 2012 RED BLEND $36 - Bottle

Damp, mushroom earth hogs the aromatic profile of this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, which tenaciously holds to the eucalyptus and cedar parts of its character. Somewhat diluted on the palate, its finishes slightly bitter and green.

Introducing Bingham Family Vinyard

Grapevine, Texas

Dirt Farmer $30 - Bottle
Tempranillo, Merlot, Dolcetto, and Cabernet Sauvignon blend to create flavors of blackberry and dried figs as bold and adventurous as the Texas plains.

Dugout $30 - Bottle
A full bodied blend that combines the scent of aged leather with the bold flavor of cranberry and a butter finish. Its an oak aged blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

Merlot $36 - Bottle
Smoky, black tar, blackberry with aromatic mint notes, Juicy mouthfeel, very velvety with fruity flavors of blackberry and black cherry.

Fine and Dandy $18 - Bottle
This sweet red wine blend of Texas high Plains grown has the aroma of dark cherry and a strong pomegrante flavor.

Tapas Menu


Warm Soft Pretzels
Served with a side of honey mustard sauce.

Served with a warm pita bread.

Crispy Mild Wings
Served on a bed of greens and a side of ranch for dipping.

Chicken Eggrolls
Served on a bed of Spring Mix with a side of sweet chili sauce.

Spring Rolls
Filled with cabbage, celery, onions, carrots, and seasoned with authentic Asian spices. Served over a bed of greens and a side of sweet chili sauce.


Pita Pizza


Your choice of sausage or pepperoni served on a baked pita bread

Basil Pesto Pizza
9 in - 12 in

$7 - $10

1 Topping (Italian Pork Sausage or Pepperoni)
$8 - $11

1 Topping (Italian Pork Sausage or Pepperoni)
$9 - $12

Margherita Pizza
A light pizza with olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, mozarella and Parmesan cheese.
$10 - $13

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
A delicious pizza with a ranch base, buffalo chicken, mozzarella and blue cheese topped with Frank's Buffalo Sauce
$10 - $13

***All pizzas are custom-made in house. Please note, on busy nights pizza can take up to 20 minutes.***

Tasting Boards

Cheese Board
Assorted cheeses, seasonal fruit, roasted walnuts, olives, and hummus. Served with warm pita bread.


Meat & Cheese Board
Assorted meats and cheese, seasonal fruit, roasted walnuts, olives, and hummus. Served with warm pita bread.



Chocolate Truffles
A chocolate explosion of yummy goodness! Served with strawberris and whipped cream.

(1) $2.50 - (3) $5.00

New York Style Cheesecake
Served with chocolate and strawberry sauce.

LARGE PARTIES: We reserve the right to automatically assess a 20% gratuity/service fee to parties of 6 or more and/or when asked to split/share checks.

Kitchen open until 9PM on weeknights, 1030 PM on weekends.


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