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Gold membership ($49.99) includes 2 bottles of wine each month
Members choose All Red / All White / Mixed

Platinum membership ($79.99) includes 4 bottles of wine each month
Members choose All Red / All White / Mixed

Wine Club Info

Each wine club customer gets a personalized cubby at Wine101. You will also receive two glasses with your cubby number and name etched on the glass.

Members also receive 10% of any purchases at Wine101.

Wine club members receive exclusive invitations to special events and private tastings.

Whether members come in and drink the wine in house, or take it home, everyone enjoys the Wine101 featured monthly selections! The Wine101 wine club features hard-to-find, wines from leading wine producing regions around the world.

Wine Menu


Woodwork (CA)
$10 – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Vanilla, blackberry, white American Oak that is not overpowering.

Josh Cellars (CA)
$12 – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Dark cherry and ripe plum with a hint of vanilla and cocoa dust.

Story Point Cab (CA)
$12 – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Dark fruit, pepper and leather.

Austerity (CA)
$10 – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Ripe cherry followed by licorice and sweet oak with a long deep finish.

Disruption (WA)
$9 – Glass | $27 – Bottle

Columbia Valley, a deep garnet wine with cassis, black cherry, sage and tobacco.

Don David (AT)
$12 – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Aged 12 months in new oak, spicy and nutty, with blackberry and chocolate.

Chasing Lions 2015 (CA)
N/A – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Ripe red cherries, boysenberry and spicy red plum in the mouth.

Zellerbach 2014 (CA)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Aromas of blackberry, cherry, plum with a lush mouth feel, good acidity and smooth finish.

Paris Valley Road (CA)
N/A – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Blend of edgy Cabernet Sauvignon with soft Merlot a touch of Cabernet Franc for aroma and Malbec for color.

Banshee 2014 Cab (CA)
N/A – Glass | $60 – Bottle

Dark plum, cocoa, blackberry, sage, chocolate, cherry and hint of caramel

J.Lohr Cab (CA)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

The 2014 J. Lohr Estates Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon is dark in color, layered
fruit aromas of cherry and plum accented by an authentic barrel bouquet of hazelnut, dark chocolate
and toasted pastry.

19 Crimes (AT)
N/A – Glass | $24 – Bottle

Ripe crushed blackberry, boysenberry, black currant and elder fruit.

ALTVS 2012 (CA)
N/A – Glass | $75 – Bottle

Smail quantity production, oak aged creating a thick, succulent mouthfeel.

Marchesi Mazzei, Tosacana Cab Philip (IT)
N/A – Glass | $50 – Bottle

A deep, dark purple color, with intriguing black cherry,
balsamic herbs, coffee and lightly toasted oak.

Ghost Pines Cabernet (CA)
N/A – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Bold and intensely flavored, crafted by grapes from Sonoma and Napa.
Rustic, mouth coating in leathery tannins, ripe with sweetened oak.

St Hubert “The Stag Cabernet (CA)
N/A – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Aromas of blackberry, cassis and a leafy background note. Ripe fresh black currant and tobacco leaf with a finish persistent with ripe powdery tannins.

Stags Leap ‘The Leap’ (CA)
N/A – Glass | $60 – Bottle

High quality fruit, blueberry, black berry and an accent of sweet oak

Luke Cabernet (WA)
N/A – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Supple, focused and expressive, layering coffee accented blackberry and currant
flavors with polished tannins and hints of cedar and smoke. The finish sails on gracefully.

Owens Vinyard Casarena Cab 2014 (AR)
N/A – Glass | $42 – Bottle

Significant vine age and nutrient rich soil produces a bold
powerful dark fruit with savory notes and soft tannins.

Ancient Peaks Cabernet (CA)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Warm aromas of blueberry, plum and tasted oak. Hints ofroasted coffee, anise and obacco with and elegant, smooth tannin finish.

Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 (CA)
N/A – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Aromas of blackberry, cocoa and herby black-currant, which is followed by a rich, layered mouthful, loaded with juicy black cherry, cedar, and creme de cassis.


Peirano (CA)
$9 – Glass | $27 – Bottle

Cherry, plum, sweet raspberries and strawberries with hints of cocoa and cinnamon.

Skyfall (WA)
$10 – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Recently featured in Wine Club. Spice, herbs and plum with a touch of sugar.

Pein (CA)
N/A – Glass | $49 – Bottle

Plum, black currant, cola, anise and vanilla entice your nose and palate.


4 Bears/Sean Minor (CA)
$9 – Glass | $27 – Bottle

Cherry, strawberry and violets combined with subtle layers of spices

William Hill (CA)
$12 – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Aromas of black cherry, toasted oak spice, spice and lavender.

Antonutti (IT)
N/A – Glass | $33 – Bottle

Ready to drink with fresh cherry notes and low tannins

Belle Glos Pino Noir (CA)
N/A – Glass | $50 – Bottle

Dark ruby red, rine plum. From the family that brought you Caymus!

Morgan Double L Pino Noir (CA)
N/A – Glass | $65 – Bottle

Aromas of Raspberry, black berry, nutmeg and a hint of caramel,
and flavors of black cherry cola, cedar and pomegranate with sweet spice and structured tannins.

Willamette Valley Whole Cluster 2015 (OR)
N/A – Glass | $36 – Bottle

A burst of strawberry and cherry fruit-round, ripe and juicy.


The Crusher PS (CA)
$9 – Glass | $37 – Bottle

Deep purple, cherry vanilla cola, blackberry, teriyaki and a hint of
bourbon barrel

Morgan Double L Syrah (CA)
N/A – Glass | $45 – Bottle

Black cherry, sage and pepper. Red, rich and intense. Only 75
cases were made of this vintage.

Stokes Ghost PS ( CA)
N/A – Glass | $40 – Bottle

14 months in oak, dramatic levels of fruit and off the chart richness

Chronic Cellars PS (CA)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Cigar spice finished with cracked pepper, cherry, blackberry and raspberry.


Vina Zaco (ES)
$9 – Glass | $27 – Bottle

Intense, bright cherry color with violet hints. Black fruit, licorice, round tannins

Celeste Blue (ES)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

An opulent wine brimming with fruit, body and color, as unique as the night sky.


1000 Stories (CA)
$11 – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Vanilla, dried herbs and a hint of caramel. Aged in bourbon barrels.

The Immortal Zinfandel (CA)
$9 – Glass | $27 – Bottle

Mix of sweet red cherry, strawberry, cocoa & juicy red fruit.

Campus Oak Old World Vine (CA)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

80-year-old vines, rich cherry, red and black fruit.

Bone Shaker (CA)
N/A – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Smooth on the finish with bracing tannins lingering notes of blueberry and spice.

Ancient Peaks Zinfandel (CA)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Heady aromas of blackberry jam, cola, baking spice and sweet tobacco.


Revolution (AR)
$8 – Glass | $24 – Bottle

Plums, blackberries, blueberries and hints of chocolate.

Anitgal (AR)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Black and red berry fruit brightened by natural acidity with ripe tannins.


STE Chapelle Soft Red (ID)
$8 – Glass | $24 – Bottle

Blend ofMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc

Santa Carolina Late Harvest SB 500 ml (CL)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

87%Sauvignon Blanc, 13% Gewurztraminer


Sean Minor/Nicole (CA)
$11 – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Ripe blueberry, dark cherry, cassis and vanilla.

Purple Heart (CA)
$12 – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Medium bodied, textured w/notes of red and black fruits & hints of cardamom.

Disruption (WA)
$9 – Glass | $27 – Bottle

Columbia Valley, 60% cab, 40% Malbec, aroma of plum, currant, spice, mocha

Luzon Verde Red Blend 2015 (SP)
$10 – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Coming from one of the oldest estates in the Jumilla area of southern Spain, Luzon Verde is an organic wine made up of 100% Monastrell (aka MourvAdre). Spice notes and flavors oflicorice, black fruit, and tobacco leaf burst forth from this dense, full-bodied red. Fully organic.

Mocarero Puteus 2010 (IT)
N/A – Glass | $40 – Bottle

Hint of expresso and vanilla, blackberry, earth and spice.

BV Tapestry (CA)
N/A – Glass | $50 – Bottle

Blend of Bordeaux varietals, medium to full body, ripe fruit, low acidity.

19 Crimes Banished(AT)
N/A – Glass | $24 – Bottle

Intense dark chocolate, vanilla with blackberry and plum fruit.

5G Cinco Garnacha (SP)
N/A – Glass | $24 – Bottle

Fragrant, sensual, red fruit aroma (strawberry, red currant, raspberry) on
the nose framed by notes of aromatic herbs.

The Prisoner (CA)
N/A – Glass | $50 – Bottle

Deep purple in color, releasing aromas of black cherry with hints of cedar and
pencil lead. Dense flavors of dark fruits and rich plum are framed by velvety tannins and a lush finish.

Bending Branch 2012 Tannat (TX)
N/A – Glass | $65 – Bottle

A striking melange ofrich color, palate-pleasing tannin, and a balance of dark fruit and rustic earthiness, a well-rounded introduction to a wine made from a lesser-known grape.

Murrieta’s Well-The Spur (CA)
N/A – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Red blend of 40% PS, 26% Cab, 10% PV, 8% Merlot, 8% CF, 8% Malbec

Pozo de Nieve (ES)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Great color, a little acid but red fruits in the nose and a nice full body in the mouth!

Barrossa Valley Estate Red Blend (AT)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

35% Grenache, 34% Shiraz, 31 % Mourvedre

Abstract 2015 (CA)
N/A – Glass | $50 – Bottle

Orin Swift Abstract is a blend of Grenache, Petite Sirah, and Syrah from Napa,
Sonoma, and Mendocino Counties, primarily from hillside vineyards. Opaque and purple to the rim
of the glass, an elevated display of aromatics is immediately present. Fragrant dark fruits,
spring flowers, violet, and hint of garrigue greet the nose

Chaman 2013 Petite Verdot (AR)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

85% petite Petite Verdo, 15% Malbec Aromas of mulberry,
wildflower, pickled cherry, forest floor, and cold charcoal. The dark, meaty palate has notes of
minerality and wild spices driven by silky tannins. Good acidity on the finish.

Chaman 2015 Cab Franc (AR)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Plush, elegant, and floral. Aromas of roses and pepper make the
wine both bright and earthy at the same time. These flavors continue onto the palate, joined by red fruits, sour cherries. and dried sage. Savory and elegant but also dry, long and supple.

Laposta Armando (AR)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Fresh raspberry aroma, subtle smoky oak notes.

19 Crimes The Warden (AT)
N/A – Glass | $40 – Bottle

Colored as translucent dusty red cherry. In the nose, ample cranberry, currant, plum, and cherry cough drop mix with vanilla and cinnamon spice.

Ancient Peaks Renegade Red Blend (CA)
N/A – Glass | $32 – Bottle

Deep berry aromas, toasty oak, baking spice, cedar and tobacco.

Ancient Peaks Oyster Ridge Red Blend (CA)
N/A – Glass | $60 – Bottle

Plum, blackberry, lavender, black olive and sarsaparilla. Trailing notes of caramel, graphite and spice emerge on long, pure finish.

Rodney Strong Symmetry Red Blend 2013 (CA)
N/A – Glass | $65 – Bottle

An opulent bouquet of blackberries, cassis, and
sweet spices. It unfolds on the palate with layers of black fruits, dark chocolate and spice. Rich and silky
in texture with a long, lingering finish.


Trere Lona Bona Sangiovese (IT)
$8 – Glass | $24 – Bottle

100% Sangiovese grapes, dry red ruby bouquet of violet
and palate of fresh fruit.

Melini Chiante (IT)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

The color is an intense ruby red while the perfume is fresh with dominant
notes of fruit and elegant floral scents. The flavor is full, pleasant and harmonious, smooth and fruity.

(By the Glass only per TABC & may not be sold after 10pm)

Niepoort Tawny (PT)
$11 – Glass | N/A – Bottle

Aged in oak 3.5 years, fresh and light with soft sweet tannins.

Cockburn Fine Tawny Port Wine (PT)
$10 – Glass | N/A – Bottle

Aged in wood, a classic nutty/butterscotch flavor of tawny port.

Quinta Tawny (PT)
$13 – Glass | N/A – Bottle

Elegant, condensed. full-bodied and enhanced with an endless aftertaste.



William Hill (CA)
$9 – Glass | $27 – Bottle

Ripe tree fruit, buttery with a hint of oak.


Indigo Eyes (CA)
$8 – Glass | $24 – Bottle

Napa Valley Cab, not overpowered in oak and butter, very smooth chardonnay.

Wente Chardonnay (CA)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Beautiful straw color and aromas of freshly cut red apple, vanilla and
well-integrated oak


Morgan Double L Chardonnay (CA)
N/A – Glass | $50 – Bottle

Apricot, almond skin, butter and wet stone aromas backed
by sweet spice of lightly toasted oak. Pineapple, pear and I ime flavors with a touch of creaminess
and elegant, bright acidity.


Babcock Top Cream Chardonnay (CA)
N/A – Glass | $45 – Bottle

White peach, white flower, citrus blossom and subtle
mineral-laced bouquet. Barrel fermented and aged nine months in 50% new French oak


Ancient Peaks Chardonnay (CA)
N/A – Glass | $25 – Bottle

From the southernmost vineyard in the Paso Robles region. Inviting aromas of pear, fig and lime zest with a hint of apple blossoms. Creamy notes on the palate of nectarine, white peach, pineapple, and lemon drop.


Rodney Strong Chalk Hill Chardonnay 2014 (CA)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Abundance of tropical fruit flavors, picks up
some creamy and spicy notes from the judicious use of new and seasoned oak.


Llano (TX)
$9 – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Intense floral scent and sweet-spice flavors

Gewurz -Mendino County
N/A – Glass | $25 – Bottle

Tangerine and honey


CK Mondavi (CA)
$8 – Glass | $24 – Bottle

Floral fruity nose with a sensation of a lemon zest finish


Camelot (CA)
$6 – Glass | $18 – Bottle

Notes of juicy tropical fruits, white peach and sweet orange blossom

Jules Taylor (NZ)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Aromas of honeysuckle, pears and white peaches (Pinot Gris)


Peter Brum (DE)
$8 – Glass | $24 – Bottle

Floral aromas and flavors


Peter Brum Bacchus (DE)
$8 – Glass | $24 – Bottle

Sweet white Riesling


Dr. H (DE)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Herbs and stone fruit bring out the fresh and fruity flavors of this Mosel Dry Riesling

Kerpen Handpicked Riesling Mosel 2014 (DE)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Light, snappy Riesling with just a bit of residual sugar. Delicious. easy drinking Riesling. Pretty and attention grabbing.


Mulhiemer Sonenlay Riesling 2016 (DE)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

A fruity and spicy wine with accents and taste of apple pear. citrus and floral notes.


Jules Taylor (NZ)
$11 – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Elderflower, notes of citrus & passion fruit underlying herbal notes on the finish

Kim Crawford (NZ)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Intense tropical fruit, fresh cut grass, passionfruit, citrus, ripe stone fruit


Sauvion Rose D. Aniou 2015 (FR)
$7 – Glass | $21 – Bottle

70% Groslot, 30% Gamay, soft and light Rose


Jollie Folle (FR)
N/A – Glass | $21 – Bottle

Bright and aromatic with notes of wild strawberries and watermelon (IL bottle)

Santa Digna Cabernet Sauvignon Rose Reserve (CH)
N/A – Glass | $24 – Bottle

A full bodied rose with a fruit explosion. A great rose for red wine connoisseurs.



Beringer (CA)
$6 – Glass | $18 – Bottle

Strawberries and cream


C’est La Vie (FR)
N/A – Glass | $24 – Bottle

Melon, vanilla, and pineapple w/hints of caramel, sweet spices, herbs & citrus


Vina Robles (CA)
N/A – Glass | $24 – Bottle

Brisk lemon zest notes flavors upfront with green apple


Garofoli Macrina 2013 (IT)
N/A – Glass | $20 – Bottle

Straw yellow, fruity and elegant with aroma ofripe fruit, peaches and apples.

Couplet 2015 White Blend (WA)
N/A – Glass | $36 – Bottle

Asian pears and honeydew melons. Blend: 76% Chardonnay, 24% Viognier.

Gruner Veltliner (AT)
N/A – Glass | $28 – Bottle

Light with spicy overtones and fruity body with a pleasantly refreshing finish.


Vino Verde Calcada (PT)
N/A – Glass | $30 – Bottle

Bright forward citrus, fun zesty palate, and a lingering finish.


Batasiolo Gavi 2011 (IT)
N/A – Glass | $20 – Bottle

Delicate, straw-yellow with strong green reflections. Soft, characteristic aroma with scents of fresh fruit. Dry but refreshing, keen and well balanced.



While wine is alcohol that is fermented from the sugars in a fruit, Sake breaks down rice using a two-step fermentation process. Try our chilled, refreshing Sake!

Nigori Lychee (CA)
N/A – Glass | $9 – Bottle

Premium Unfiltered Lychee fruit adds a wonderfully sweet and tropical flavor to a smooth and mellow unfiltered sake – 375 ml

Nigori Coffee Flavored (CA)
N/A – Glass | $9 – Bottle

Premium Unfiltered Delicious coffee flavors enhance Nigori’s naturally smooth body and textures – 375 ml

Nigori White Peach Premium Unfiltered
N/A – Glass | $9 – Bottle

Its refreshing and sweet aroma of white peach with Nigori’s mellow body and smooth texture makes this sake unique and delightful- 375 ml

Mio Sparkling Sake (JP)
N/A – Glass | $8 – Bottle

Refreshing, fruity and unique sweet aroma. Crafted in the traditional brewing style, with rice, water and Koji. -375 ml

Hana Raspberry Flavored Sake (CA)
N/A – Glass | $21 – Bottle

An appealing aroma that fulfills its promise on the palate with a rich berry flavor. The lovely lingering finish continues the enticing taste of ripe fruit- 750 ml

Hana White Peach (CA)
N/A – Glass | $9 – Bottle

Lovely sweet lingering finish continues the appealing taste ofripe fruit – 375 ml

Hana Fuji Apple (CA)
N/A – Glass | $9 – Bottle

Fresh aroma that fulfills the palate with the crisp tartness of the fruit. The lovely, lingering finish continues the taste ofrich apple flavor – 375 ml


Wycliff California Champagne (CA)
N/A – Glass | $21 – Bottle

Perfect combination of sweetness and crispness

Zonin Prosecco (IT)
N/A – Glass | $25 – Bottle

Aromas of golden apples with a hint of white peach 750ml

Zonin Prosecco (IT)
N/A – Glass | $9 – Bottle

Aromas of golden apples with a hint of white peach 187ml

Hazlett Cider Tree hard Cider (NY)
N/A – Glass | $4 – Bottle

Medium dry finish with backed apple flavors (12 oz. bottle)

Gerard Bertrand Brut (FR)
N/A – Glass | $45 – Bottle

Pale straw color, aroma of fresh apples biscuits, hazelnuts and flowers.

Piccini Fizz 1882 Vino Spumante (IT)
N/A – Glass | $21 – Bottle

Fruity, easy drinking, citrus and tropical fruit with a light fresh finish.

Aubert & Fils Brut (FR)
N/A – Glass | $45 – Bottle

Crisp blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pino Meunier. Crisp and elegant!

Lamarca Prosecco (IT)
N/A – Glass | $9 – Bottle

A fresh and vibrant bouquet of golden apple, white peach, and honeysuckle. 187 ml

Lamarca Prosecco (IT)
N/A – Glass | $25 – Bottle

A fresh and vibrant bouquet of golden apple, white peach, and honeysuckle. 750 ml

Mari Elderflower

 N/A – Glass | $5 – Bottle


Combines Riesling and tart yerba mate with delicious elderflower. 12 oz

Mari Ginger

 N/A – Glass | $5 – Bottle


Premium Riesling and tart yerba mate with aromatic ginger 12 oz

Bombshell Blonde – $4

Lucky Buddha – $4

Shiner Bock – $4

Shiner Blonde – $4

Red Stripe – $4

Miller Lite – $4

Michelob ULTRA – $4

Flensburger Dunkel – $5

Flensburger Pilsner – $5

Krombacher Pilsner or Dark – $5

Dos XX (Lager) – $4

 IPA of the month – $5

Italian Beer – $6

Guinness Draught – $6

Twisted X Brews – $5

Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite – $2

San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water – $2.50

Happy Hour!

$5 /Glass

Everyday until 6:30PM



Cabernet Sauvignon, merlot, Pino Noir or Zinfandel


Chardonnay, Pino Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato, or White Blend

Tapas Menu

Kitchen open 4:30-9:00PM on weeknights, 4:00-1030PM on weekends.


Warm Soft Pretzels
Served with a side of honey mustard sauce.

Served with a warm pita bread.

Crispy Mild Wings
Served on a bed of greens and a side of ranch for dipping.

Chicken Eggrolls
Served on a bed of Spring Mix with a side of sweet chili sauce.

Spring Rolls
Filled with cabbage, celery, onions, carrots, and seasoned with authentic Asian spices. Served over a bed of greens and a side of sweet chili sauce.

Grilled Cheese
Melted Cheddar and Swiss on sourdough bread. Served with chips and a dill pickle.


Pita Pizza


Your choice of sausage or pepperoni served on a baked pita bread

Basil Pesto Pizza
9 in - 12 in

$7 - $10

1 Topping (Italian Pork Sausage or Pepperoni)
$8 - $11

2 Topping (Italian Pork Sausage or Pepperoni)
$9 - $12

Margherita Pizza
A light pizza with olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, mozarella and Parmesan cheese.
$10 - $13

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
A delicious pizza with a ranch base, buffalo chicken, mozzarella and blue cheese topped with Frank's Buffalo Sauce
$10 - $13

***All pizzas are custom-made in house. Please note, on busy nights pizza can take up to 20 minutes.***

Tasting Boards

Cheese Board
Assorted cheeses, seasonal fruit, roasted walnuts, olives, and hummus. Served with warm pita bread.


Meat & Cheese Board
Assorted meats and cheese, seasonal fruit, roasted walnuts, olives, and hummus. Served with warm pita bread.



Chocolate Truffles
A chocolate explosion of yummy goodness! Served with strawberris and whipped cream.

(1) $2.50 - (3) $5.00

New York Style Cheesecake
Served with chocolate and strawberry sauce.

LARGE PARTIES: We reserve the right to automatically assess a 20% gratuity/service fee to parties of 6 or more and/or when asked to split/share checks.

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